I'm Ciaran Synnott

Technical Lead | LAMP Stack Developer | Laravel Lover | CodeIgniter Junkie

35 years old, spurs fan and coffee addict.

Hello, My Name is Ciaran.

I’m 35 years old and grew up in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. I’m a highly ambitious, motivated creative developer who has a passion for everything cloud based.

I currently work for Autel Intelligent Technology as there UK technical lead. I spend most of my time working with PHP and the LAMP stack building awesome systems to talk to vehicles ECU’s and allowing this information to be streamed to our data cloud. I know an awful lot about APIs and have created a fair few for our diagnostic tool range.

My favourite framework is CodeIgniter. When manipulating users’ experiences online I think anyone will be hard pushed to beat JQuery and Twitter Bootstrap. I’m also a big fan of WordPress and have worked with it for many years.

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My Favourite Projects

I'm always developing and creating apps and websites. Below are a few of my favourite projects over the years.


WordPress, CodeIgniter, ECommerce, Twitter Bootstrap

Autel UK

WordPress, CodeIgniter, API's, ECommerce, Twitter Bootstrap
Automotive Product of the Year

Autel Exhibition

Print, Adobe Suite

Autel Flyers

Print, Adobe Suite

Autel CRM

CodeIgniter, API's, Twitter Bootstrap


Drupal, Twitter Bootstrap


CodeIgniter, API's, Wordpress

Shrek: Far, Far Away Faces

Facebook, Adobe Flash, PHP
DADI Awards Nomination

Just Cause 2

PHP, Flash, Pringo CMS

Intel Rocketman

Facebook, Adobe Flash, PHP

Autel VoIP Support

CodeIgniter, Twilio, API's

G.I. Joe Training Game

Facebook, Adobe Flash, PHP
Adobe Site of the Day

Shrek: Ogre Training Game

Facebook, Adobe Flash, PHP
DADI Awards Commendation

Autel Quarterly Magazine

Print, Adobe Suite

NUTS: Knock Off Nigel

Facebook, Adobe Flash, PHP

Pony Friends 2

PHP, Flash, Pringo CMS, API's
NMA Website of the Week

My Resume

A brief breakdown of what I've been up to over the years.

My Education
2001 - 2011

2008 - 2011

Bachelor of Science (BSc), Computer Science 2:1 - Aston University


  • Software Project Management
  • Java, LISP, Haskell and C#
  • Crytography
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Enterprise Computing Stratergies
  • Information Security
  • Interaction Design
  • Multimedia Information Retrieval
2006 - 2008

A-Levels - Roundwood Park Sixth Form


  • 2 x A*s - Double ICT
  • 1 x B (AS Level) - Economics
  • 1 x B (AS Level) - Lesuire & Tourism
2001 - 2006

GCSES - Roundwood Park Secondary School


  • 2 x A*'s
  • 3 x A's
  • 4 x B's

Work Experience
2009 - Now

2012 - NOW

Technical Lead - Autel Intelligent Technology Co. Limited

Design of print collateral and websites for various clients and markets, development of new and existing brands, 3D modeling of floor and site plans.


2011 - 2012

Senior Developer - MVF Global

Design of print collateral and websites for various clients and markets, development of new and existing brands, 3D modeling of floor and site plans.


  • Affilate Portal
  • Multiple Marketing Campaigns
  • Drupal Plugins

2009 - 2010

Web Developer - Naked Penguin Boy

Design of print collateral and websites for various clients and markets, development of new and existing brands, 3D modeling of floor and site plans.


  • Just Cause 2 - Eidos Interactive
  • Envido - Envido
  • Pony Friends 2 - Eidos Interactive
  • Intel Rocket Man- Intel
  • Knock Off Nigel - NUTS Magazine
  • Money Saving Ads - British Gas
  • G.I. Joe Combat Cards - Paramount Pictures
  • G.I. Joe Training Game - Paramount Pictures
  • Shrek 2: Ogre Training Game - Dreamworks
  • Shrek 2: Far Far Away Faces Game - Dreamworks


Naked Penguin Boy

"Ciaran has worked on a number of high profile projects, managing many of them himself, dealt directly with clients and always delivered. He is an asset to Naked Penguin Boy and I highly recommend him."

Rowan Heasley
Director and Founder

Autel UK

"Ciaran worked as our UK technical lead and has helped us in all departments of technology across the board. Ciaran developed our Vehicle API to send diagnostic trouble codes and vehicle information to our clouds and regularly visited Shenzhen to teach our developers on how to implement the API into our diagnostic tools."

Kevin Brown
Managing Director


"Our new mobile phone tracking platform was developed by Ciaran and allowed us to roll out additional revenue streams over the years. Ciaran was engaging an enthusiastic through-out and helped us think of bright intuitive ways to connect with our customers."

Bill Colley

MVF Global

"When Ciaran joined our team we were a small set of developers who worked passionately on our in house systems. Ciaran developed our MVF Publisher platform allowing clients to host our content on their own websites."

Simon Venturi
Founder and Technical Director

Skills & Expertise


LAMP Stack






Payments Gateways


Intel XDK




Here's a break down of what I've learned in the industry.

Brand Marketing


Web Development


Digital Design


Android Development


Web Design


Software Development & Engineering



Some of the awards and recognition I have picked up over the years.

Automotive Product of the Year 2014

MaxiSys Diagnostic Tool - Autel UK

IBM Young Inovation of the Year 2012

Aston University - Final Year Project

DADI Awards Commendation 2010

Shrek: The Final Chapter, Ogre Training - Naked Penguin Boy

DADI Awards Nomination 2010

Shrek: The Final Chapter, Rumpels Amazing Deals - Naked Penguin Boy

Adobe Site Of The Day Award 2009

G.I. Training Game - Naked Penguin Boy

NMA Website of The Week 2009

Pony Friends 2 - Naked Penguin Boy

Milestones Achieved

As you can tell, I like my coffee


Cups of Coffee


Hours Worked


Successful Projects


Happy Clients

Work Process

Fail to plan, plan to fail!

I like to plan – I now know how important it is after years of time consuming re-drafts and revisions of code and print. I like to try and ask as many questions as possible in order to see two main things – where we are with a project and where do we need to be.

1. Idea
2. Research
3. Design
4. Develop
5. Test
6. Launch

I’m a big believer in AGILE development and love project Life Cycles. I also like to keep the client up to date on where we are in a project, and like to use software like Asana to get them involved.

Contact Me

Have a project you'd like to discuss or simply want to say hello?


Ciaran Synnott